Our Lady of Mt Carmel Council #15499

KofC Insurance

Why should I depend on the Knights of Columbus
for my life insurance and my retirement investment?
Let’s have the facts speak for themselves…

I.  Financial Strength

75 Billion Dollars of Life Insurance enforce, $14, Billion in Assets
Rated AAA Superior by Standard & Poors (their top rating, since 1992)
Rated A ++ Superior by A.M. Best Co. (their top rating, since 1975)
Designated a member of Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA)
Of 1,700+ companies in North America, only four others hold the same status! Read More

II.  Service

Our Supreme Knight and all the members of the Board of Directors are Brother Knights – the decisions they make are made in the best interest of the members and their families.  Our founder, Father Michael McGivney, had a dream to create a Catholic organization to provide for widows and orphans of deceased members.  The dream of Father McGivney is foremost in the minds of all those at the helm of the Knights of Columbus.  The entire field force is dedicated to assisting Knights of Columbus families through professional insurance, retirement and education planning for each member and his family.  Father McGivney’s dream continues to be our charge, our purpose, and our singular focus.

III.  Cost

As a fraternal benefit society we will always strive to give our members a diversified and cost effective portfolio of products.

IV.  Fraternal Benefit Society Insurance Dividends

  1. Dividends paid in 2009 were in excess of $364 Million

V.  Ask your insurance company ANY of the following questions:

  1. What did your company do this year to promote our Catholic values?
  2. How many times did your company televise the Holy Father on worldwide television last year?
  3. What kind of pro-life campaign does your company have to protect the unborn?
  4. What has the CEO or your company done to combat human cloning and embryonic stem cell research?
  5. Does your company provide for international satellite broadcasts to evangelize our Catholic faith and values?
  6. Does your company promote and support vocations for priests and religious life?
  7. Does your company annually support Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity?
  8. Does your company annually support Mother Angelica’s EWTN?
  9. Does your company make an annual donation to the Holy Father’s charities?
  10. Does your company guarantee an education at a Catholic university to children of Knights of Columbus members who are policemen, firemen or military and who are killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty at no cost to my family?
  11. Does your company support World Youth Day every three years?

The decision to invest in one place rather than another… is always a moral and cultural choice… The decision to invest… is always determined by an attitude of human sympathy and trust in Providence, which reveals the human quality of the person making such decisions."  - Pope John Paul the Great, Centesimus Annus

Is there a better price than the Knights? – possibly.
Is there a better Catholic value? – ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Contact your Fraternal Agent- Steven Abeyta- to discuss how you can protect your family and promote your Catholic Values at the same time.  707-365-5767 e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.